Buying properties in the Rainy Season or Dry Season?

Walking down the streets of Lagos, you are in awe of the beautiful futuristic and oh, so modern homes that are popping on every side of our streets from Yaba to Lekki to Ajah to Epe. Real Estate Developers are competing amongst themselves to give the most edgy and functional homes – Picture perfect homes. For first time home buyers and investors choosing the right property to invest in could be a daunting task especially. The question then becomes, when should you start looking for a property to invest in? Is it rainy or dry season?

Purchasing a property that would end up being under water every rainy season is bad for business and definitely very uncomfortable for home owners. If you are a regular property investor or home mover or tenant in Lagos, you must have heard the saying, “look for property or house in the rainy season.” As inconvenient as it may be, you may need to urgently move homes or close that deal smack in the middle of the dry season. And if that is the case, waiting for the rainy season will be irrelevant to you. 

Here are some points to take note of when scouting for property to invest in at all weather including; 

The Structural Journey 

If you have the opportunity to watch the property bloom from the setting out of the foundation to the last finishing detail, you are in a better position to determine if the developer pays attention to key structural matters especially in the casting of the foundation, In addition to that ask questions such as “Was a vapor barrier placed on the foundation before casting?”, “Is the right foundation being used?” This information will help you make informed decision about buying into that property.

The neighborhood

Lagos is known for its flooded environs during the rainy season. Not much can be done about stopping the flood but much can be done about your decision to invest. As an investor in property, you would want to ask yourself how the flood affects your return on investment? Would you make more money in a less flood prone environment? What is the neighborhood association doing about the flooding? What structures has the developer put in place to ensure that flooding is not going to be a problem in the near future? Futuristic developers like Strongmas Residence ensure the property is properly elevated. This gesture is a major step in mitigating against the effects of perennial floods.

The Drainage System

The drainage system for most parts is the government’s responsibility. However, for gated estates, the responsibility of ensuring the environs has proper drainage systems lies on the property owners. Enquiring about the plans for drains for a new estate would be most beneficial. For existing estates, you would want to observe what is on ground and enquire if there are plans to improve or maintain the drains. Many of the biggest and functional estates in Lagos have functional associations that ensure that the drainages are maintained regularly to curb the impact of floods or blockages. 


Every season is a good time to invest in property if you are well informed. You can start scouting for a property to invest in Strongmas Properties  or Contact Us


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