Frequently Asked Questions

All of our properties come with a C of O (Certificate of Occupancy). It is the document that proves you are the lawful owner of a piece of land, and this is currently the strongest and most dependable title in Nigeria.
For our off-plan properties, we offer a flexible payment plan in which you pay a 40% initial deposit, and the balance is paid over the course of 12 months. Although, you can choose to make an outright payment. For our completed project payment plan, you pay a 40% initial deposit and the balance over a 6- & 8-month period.
We sell luxurious, fully automated homes in desirable locations, designed and built with high-quality materials. Our homes are packed with value. This means that you get value for every naira spent
We currently just develop and sell homes, but we intend to start selling land in the near future.
Our current projects can be found across the entire stretch of Eti-Osa LGA from Lekki Phase 1, Ikota GRA, to Epe and we plan on expanding beyond the island
We have a team of excellent architects and engineers who are capable of transforming your dreams to reality. We design and construct all aspects of your building, including systems, architectural and civil engineering design, supervision, renovation work, and structure using the latest facilities’ best practices. At Strongmas Residence, we bring your property’s vision to reality.
We currently do not have this option. However, we have a flexible payment plan that works for you.
Once we receive your initial payment or full payment, you will receive the Contact of Sale. Your Deed of Assignment will be processed upon receipt of your full transaction payment.
The fixtures in each of our properties differ, but the majority of them have lighting, fitted cabinets, fridge, microwave, tabletop stove, and heat extractor.
Strongmas Residence will maintain the operation of the property in question. We provide facility management services.
Strongmas Residence will maintain the operation of the property in question. We provide facility management services.
We conduct virtual site inspections to enable you to experience our properties while eliminating time travel. Simply tell us your preferred time and we will accommodate it.
Yes, we carry out joint venture partnerships on properties with sizes from 2000 sqm and above.
Purchasing our properties is highly regulated and comes with laws to protect the buyer. We have a track record of completing our projects as scheduled, which gives our clients peace of mind.
Strongmas group has been in business for over 5 years; Strongmas Residence and Development Limited is a subcompany under the group and has been in business for over 2 years.
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Our subscribers are allowed to use their properties for the above. This is also one of the reasons why we adopt the incorporation of luxury styles and fixtures in our projects to boost the value of our listings should a subscriber decide to resell or use their unit(s) as a rental.
Asides the service charge (depending on the property), no additional fees are requested of our clients.
You will obtain your receipt of payment for every payment made, Contract of Sale, and your Deed of Assignment.
Yes, you’re allowed to resell your property and thanks to our properties situated in prime locations and luxurious styles and fittings; you’re sure to turn a return on investment.
Our room sizes differ depending on the project in question. Follow the link to the properties to find the different property sizes
It depends on the project but most of our properties come fully serviced with 24-hour power and security, flood, smoke and gas detection systems, integrated sound systems, and so on.
The company always ensures that we carry out due diligence, so all the documentation is done properly and in the client’s name.
In addition to the company’s project team, we also adopt the use of external consultants to ensure that our projects are handled exquisitely.
Strongmas Residence has worked tirelessly to come up with strategies and processes to ensure the durability of all our properties and we always ensure that we do a proper structural design with respect the bearing capacity and ensure full compliance with the design. We do pre-construction evaluations and tests, such as soil tests, for use in structural analysis. We utilize only high-quality, time-tested building materials, and we have a team of experienced and certified engineers and competent contractors who strictly adhere to the structural drawings and are committed to excellent delivery.
We have an excellent team of Architects and Structural Engineers who carefully craft timeless designs and build with high end materials using modern technology.
We are committed to delivering efficient, excellent, futuristic styles, luxurious, affordable and quality properties, and our services are also tailored to our stakeholders’ needs.
Strongmas Residence always incorporates basic home automation in our projects such as CCTV Surveillance System, Integrated Sound System, and Smart Access. Some of other features we incorporate in our more luxurious apartments include Smart Doors, Smart Lights, Elevators (where applicable), Flood, Smoke and Gas Detection System,
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